In Competency Match we believe that successful organizations are aware of the importance of matching people’s competencies to the organization. Strategy is the ‘what’ in your organization and competencies is the ‘how’, and when strategy changes over time adjusted competencies must follow.

Competency Match provides you with methodology, process and tool to match competencies to your strategy. With the right competencies you will:

  • Find and keep the best people
  • Enable better employee performance
  • Develop the leadership pipeline
  • Get high performing teams
  • Get high performing boards
  • Improve business results

    Identification of competencies might not be the biggest issue; it is the implementation that is the challenge and that is why you should choose Competency Match as your partner to reduce time, costs and resources.


    With a competency frame you organize observable skills, behaviors and attitudes that impact the quality of work that people do. With a competency frame that fits your organization you will get a tool to direct your people, teams and board to execute and team on their responsibilities.