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Phone: + 45 40 82 26 89
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Competency Match is driven by Birgitte Ellersgaard, who has more than 17 years experiences in delivering Global Competency solutions at a strategic level.

I have been responsible for developing and running global leadership programme for more than 700 managers. Partnering both IMD in Switzerland and with KornFerry International. The CLO* organization awarded me with a gold medal for the best global leadership programme of the year in 2013.


As HRD manager I have been responsible for selection and implementation of a competency model and build the tool into core HR deliverables as: career frame, talent management and appraisal-system.

Research** shows that high performing companies have a methodology and a strategy for selection and development of competencies. And I assume that all companies strive to be high performers to benefit of their customers and the business.


My core competencies

Global HR Strategic Management

  • Design, development and implementation of

global leadership programme, training solutions , competency framework

  • Design, development and implementation of HR tools
  • Coaching, consultancy and partnering
  • Project Management, Leadership

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*CLO: Chief Learning Officer

** ´Strategy and Performance´ Cambridge University Press, 2002