With a truly partnership attitude Competency Match deliver professional services either as a consultant or as an interim in building your competency frame.  Competency Match provides you with a roadmap for people, and team development and career planning.

Key deliveries are in the field of

  • Leadership Development
  • Board competency development
  • Competencies implemented in your HR Tool
  • Individual career planning and coaching


Leadership Development

The leadership pipeline builds your organization and indicates the influence, responsibility and competencies at each level. Managerial skills combined with leadership competencies are seldom described in relation to how success looks like for the individual and for the business.

At the executive level – including the board members – the responsibility is creating, developing, maintaining and/or changing the strategy.

At the middle manager level the responsibility is to understand the strategy in order to set goals and create results together with the team.

All levels in the leadership pipeline must lead authentically. The question ‘Why should anyone be led by me?’ is something all managers must reflect on.


Board Competencies

Boards have two main responsibilities, one is control the other is development of the business. The control part requires skills within finance, the development competencies are more complex as they require strategic skills combined with behavioral competencies.

To create a high performing board it is needed to improve personal competencies; to be aware of and develop behavioral competencies. The reason for that is obvious; the better you know each other the faster and better you create results together.  The combination of financial skills, business understanding and how to use the member’s personal competencies is what create a high performing board.


tekst HR Solutions

Implementation of competencies into strategic HR tools

Competency modeling enables HR to leverage their strategic roles in creating e.g. Career Frame, Appraisals, Learning and Developing platform.


Career Frame

A Career Frame with job types and levels might be a solid foundation for compensation and benefit purposes. However, without implemented and described competencies build into the frame, it is not a strategic people tool as it does not indicate how good looks like and what you must focus on in your development process.


People tend to think that development is attending a course. The return of that investment is often low. It is because attending courses is only part of – in fact the smallest part of – successful development. Using the 10 – 20 – 70% concept (10 % course, 20% relation based, 70% job assignment) research show that development will be successful.


Learning and development platform

A learning and development platform – some name it business academy – can be useful both when it includes ‘must have training’ related to legal issues and when it covers development  programme related to the business needs. Integration the 10 – 20 – 70% with SMART goals in your training deliverables will benefit the purpose of training and bring return of investment.

HR will successfully be able to implement competencies when:

  • Involving top management in the process
  • Use professional and research based tool as guidelines
  • Engage key stakeholders
  • Competencies are aligned to the strategy and values
  • Measures of success are described